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Como funciona la secador del pelo ?
Fecha de Publicación: 2022/9/23

Hair dryers consist of a motor-driven fan and heating element.
The hair dryer can convert electrical energy into convective heat, which is the key to the hair dryer being able to blow hot air.
When we turn on the hair dryer, and the current starts to flow through the hair dryer, first it flows through the heater ,
the heater power on and starts to heat. Then it energizes the motor and the fan starts to spin.
Now the generated current will flow forward through the heater, and the heater will then release heated air to the outside.
This is hot air blown from the hair dryer.

At this time, the hot air blown out will speed up the evaporation of moisture on the surface of the hair by increasing
the temperature of the air around the hair to quickly help us dry the hair

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