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Dos Consejos para etilo minimalista de la renovacion
Fecha de Publicación: 2022/9/20
Minimalist style of interior decoration, spacious,sufficient lighting,transparent inside
and outside, has become the trends nowaday.But it's not for every one.Before decide your
renovation, please consider two points:
1.You should increase 3 to 4 times of your budget.
The minimalist decorection looks simple but acutally not, every wall,wardrobe,door,window
all require for special crafs for non-strips and integrated visual effect. Most of the lights,
electric-appliance, desk, chair or bed are custom-made to hide inside the wall or to be
as flat as possible.
Also you will spend more money on the later maintenance
2.You must have good storage habbits
You should put back the things in place immediately after use, in order to keep the clean
and neat enviroment. So minimalist style is not suitable for family with kids
Anyhow,decoration should fit with our life not to bring us burden. we should choose the
suitable style according to actual situation, don't follow trends blindly.
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