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Cuales son los productos de tendencias de los accesorios de baño?
Fecha de Publicación: 2022/10/28

Public bathroom becoming a key expression of the hygiene and safty of hotels,
restaurants and other bulidings. What trends are you observing in the design of these spaces?

1.Simple and flat design

Strong & Sleek: Streamlined, curved design is constructed of high-impact plastic
for frequent, everyday use in restrooms or back-of-house hand washing stations.

Also to make enough space for critizens in wheel, ADA require bathroom accessories
must protrude no more than 4 inches from the wall, so usually contractor prefer flat
surface design more

2.Coronavirus has made touchless restroom a must 

Safety and health are currently top-of-mind for everyon, touchlss accessories
enable users distance themselves from opportunities to catch the virus

3.Easy and low-frequency maintenance

The right soap dispenser can enable significant cost savings, reduce labor, tie
together the aesthetic of the restroom counter and more. Thoes big capacity
soap dispenser, simple function bathroom accessories are more accpetable in
public restroom

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