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Standard of Restroom Daily Cleaninng
Fecha de Publicación: 2021/7/31

The cleaning work in bathroom mainly includes the floor, wall, window, door, ceiling, clapboard, sanitary ware and the cleaning of other indoor facilities. How often the people clean the restroom everyday depends on the people flow and the sanitary standard. Generally speaking, once for a day is enough.
1. The cleaning criteria of restroom

a. No dust and spider web can be saw on the ceiling, corner of the wall and the lamps.
b. Visually clean wall, toilet, urinal and other sanitary ware clean without yellow stain.
c. No odor indoor.
d. No cigarettes end, paper scraps, stain and water on the floor.

2. The cleaning routine of restroom

The main mission of daily routine cleaning of toilet is to clean the floor, keep the cleaning of sanitary ware and wash the tool with the sanitary standard.
[1] Cleaning procedure
Follow the general rules that from left to right, from top to bottom, from inside to outside.
[2] Cleaning method
Generally speaking, the cleaning of restroom should be arranged in the evening or early morning where there is few people and after the cleaning of other public places.
(1) Preparations

A. Prepare the necessary tools.
B. Prepare the proper detergent and tools.
C. Open the windows, doors and exhaust fan for ventilation.
D. Place the cleaning sign in front of the entry.
(2) Wash the toilet and urinal with water.
(3) Collect the garbage and clean the floor.
(4) Empty the trash can and replace the new rubbish bag.
(5) Clean the toilet and urinal.
(6) Clean the wash stand and other facilities.

A. Clean the wash stand.
B. Wipe the mirror.
C. Clean the towel rack, toilet paper dispenser, soap dispenser, hand dryer and the air freshener dispenser normally by wet rag. Remove the dust and stains. Finally eliminate the water stain with dry towel.
(7) Clean the floor
(8) Final check

Spray suitable amount of air freshener after the cleaning mission. Have a check of the soap, toilet paper and hand paper, compliement them when they are not enough. Finally, pick up all the sanitary wares and tools, close the windows and doors.


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