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Types of Soap Dispersers - AYT Soap Dispenser
Fecha de Publicación: 2021/7/15

Types of Soap Dispensers

Nowadays, people give increasing priority to cleanliness in many places, including hotel, restaurant and other public and private areas. Aiming at defeating the large number of germs, bacteria and virus, its essential to provide the public with a cleaner and more comfortable environment. Soap dispenser is a convenient tool that help people finish the cleaning mission everyday and bring some personality and style to match with different restrooms decor. This guide will help you have a better understanding of various types of soap dispenser and find out the long-lasting and worthwhile products








1.  Function: Manual VS Automatic

Some people would rather choose manual dispensers instead of the automatic types as they are care about the price more. Automatic dispensers, however, are better in high-traffic areas and for those who would like to create modern style in their bathroom.

Manual Soap Dispenser

•  No electricity consumption          Lower price

  Easy to maintain                   Easy refill

(Best AYT manual soap dispenser : AYT-638, AYT-638E


Automatic Soap Dispenser

  Avoid cross-infection          Modern look

  Indicator light      Quick, easy, and efficient way to clean hands

(Best automatic soap dispenser: AYT-699, AYT-708, AYT-716)


2. Material: Plastic VS Stainless steel

Different material provides various outlooks and usages to the users. As they both convey convenient daily life, people are welcome to choose them depend on which style they prefer and where they are ready to install the soap dispenser.

Plastic material: no power requirement, cost-effective, color and design diversity, variable choices with tight budget. 

(Best AYT plastic soap dispenser: AYT-638E, AYT-622, AYT-699)

Stainless steel material: luxury design, durable use, widely used in stars hotels, private clubs, etc

(Best AYT stainless steel soap dispenser: AYT-629-1/-2/-3, AYT-628)


3. State of liquid: Gel VS Foam VS Spray

liquid and gel soap dispensers obtain the fancy from many people that they are ready for various types of liquid.

(Best AYT gel soap dispenser:AYT-699, AYT-719)

Foam soap dispensers foam sanitizer contain pre-lathered soap which require in small amount but present a soft and comfortable feeling. A single refill in a foam soap dispenser lasts longer than others.

(Best AYT foam soap dispenser: AYT-688, AYT-698)

Spray soap dispensers are suitable for wash-free alcohol hand sanitizer in hospital, laboratory or other places require for instant hand-cleaning. They spray sanitizer evenly and widely on hands

(Best AYT spray soap dispenser: AYT-696)

The choice of these options depend on what kind of soap is expected to eventually delivered into a users hands.

4. Ways of Installation: Wall Mounted VS Countertop VS Stand


Talking about the high-traffic bathroom of restaurant or public places, automatic or manual wall mounted soap dispensers are perfect choices.

(Best AYT wall mounted soap dispenser: AYT-699, AYT-688, AYT-638D)

The countertop soap dispensers are designed for kitchen, restroom countertop or other indoor areas that they ensure user easy access to soap.

(Best ATY countertop soap dispenser:AYT-729, AYT-T05)

Most people in the world, however, are recently fighting against with the COVID-19, it is necessary for some public places to apply the standing soap dispenser in front of the entrances. It can move to any place, no space or layout restrictions.

(Best AYT stand soap dispenser:AYT-T03, AYT-T04)

These three types of soap dispensers are all beneficial in different areas that waiting for peoples choices.

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