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How to Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer - AYT Soap Dispenser
Fecha de Publicación: 2021/7/7
When your hands get dirty, it’s best to wash them with water and soap at once.But if you are not close to soap and water between hand washes,then the wash-free instant hand sanitizer should be your go-to.Anyway, you should choose it properly.
1. Check the expiration date, ensure it is not expired.
2. To kill the germs completely, make sure it contains recommended 60 percent of alcohol. Lower 60%, it may inhibit the growth of germs but can’t kill them all
3. Make sure it contains the active ingredients. Such as Ethyl Alcohol, caprylyl glycol, isopropyl myristte, tocopheryl acetate, acrylates, crosspolymer, aminomethyl propanol or benzalkonium chloride
4. To help maintain skin health as well as pleasure smelling, most of them will add glycerin, or some oils from fruit like orange, coconut, cucumber, etc.
5. It usually used in bottle which is easy to carry out in your pocket, or refill with touchless sensor automatic soap dispenser in the public places, like hospital, hotel, airport, bus station.
6.  It could be spray, foam or gel
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