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Happy trip to Chimelong Safari Park in 2013
Fecha de Publicación: 2013/11/19

On 19th Nov ,2013, it is very special day ! We were very happy. There was a trip to the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park! We are exited that it is a chance to get close animals and nature.

Located in Guangzhou City, Chime-Long Xiangjiang Safari Park is regarded as the largest wild animal park with the best international standard. The park is known as the heaven of animals. There are 460 species, among which many are international endangered animals. For example, there are more than 100 white tigers born in the Park, which covers over 50% of the whole amount of this species on earth. Besides the white tigers, there are white lions, white kangaroos, red-headed Cranes, Flamingos, Pygmy Hippos, polar bears and so on.

On 5:00pm , we have to say goodbye to the animal and we really want  to stay longger. We are looking forwards

We all happy together

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