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Types of Paper Dispenser - AYT Paper Disperser
published date: 2021/7/19

Types of Paper Dispensers


As an essential product, the choosing of paper dispensers should depend on where to put the dispensers since people have various options. Except for the category of the surface-mounted and the countertop dispenser, there are selection of style, features and color. There are also different styles of paper that suitable for various paper dispensers. This guide will help you to choose one which fit your need best.

 1.Function: Manual VS Auto-cut VS Automatic Sensor

As the most common paper dispenser, manual paper dispenser operates the most easily with the random size of each paper. Users can pull a single paper towel straight down from the center of the unit from the center Pull Roll Towel Dispensers which is ideal for high traffic environments. Different from the manual one, the auto-cut paper dispenser have pre-measured sheets of paper towel. Without direct touching, automatic dispensers have a motion sensor that automatically gives out paper whenever it detects motion in range.

2.Texture: Plastic VS Stainless Steel VS Aluminum



3.Styles of Paper: Small Toilet Roll VS Jumbo Roll VS Multi-fold


When you consider about the type of paper dispenser, do not forget to choose the right type of paper which will be dispensing. Paper towel include small toilet roll, jumbo roll and multi-fold paper. Make sure to check what kind of towel refill is ideal for your dispenser.



Small Toilet Roll Paper Dispenser (AYT-009D & AYT-009F)


Jumbo Roll Paper Dispenser (AYT-002K)

 Big capacity which is ideal for high-traffic environments

 Available in a variety of colors to match your decoration

●  Reduce paper replacement frequency, improve work efficiency



Multi-fold Paper Dispenser (AYT-001A & AYT-001B & AYT-010A)

 Paper keep enclosed and sanitary inside the dispenser

 Easy to separate paper towels

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