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How a Pump Work? - AYT Soap Pump
published date: 2021/7/16

How a Pump Work?

A pump is any device that designed to facilitate the move of a fluid. The pump replaces the fluid to move it down or within the pipe. Most pumps use some form of compression to finish the action. This compression sometimes requires a motor or external force, which exert pressure on the fluid to replace it.



Various types of pumps are widely applied to different product, such as the manual soap dispenser and automatic soap dispenser. Different types of pumps create various states of the liquid, including gel, foam and spray. The high quality of each pumps give rise to the integrity of the soap dispensers.



Keys of a good pump:

1.The steel ball or glass ball under the spring chamber

Whether the liquid leaks back to the bottle will be directly affected by the sealing property formed by the steel ball or glass ball. In the meanwhile, the injection effect of the product will under influence too.

2.The sealing ring at the upper end of the valve body

The liquid leak of this part will diminish the power of the moving fluid when people release the pressing handle, which decrease the fluid saved in the valve body and influence the injection.

3.The cooperation between pressing handle and valve core

Incoordination of these two parts will induce resistance when liquid arrive nozzle, which come to the result of liquid flow back and influence the spraying effect.

4.The design of the nozzle

Nozzle is the element that affect the spraying effect direct which need more consideration.

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