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Hotel Bathing Storage Guide
published date: 2023/9/20

In today's age, an increasing number of hotels provide basic bathing supplies like body wash and shampoo to meet the needs of their customers. The challenge for hoteliers is how to store these liquids in a way that's both convenient and aesthetically pleasing.


1. Some hotels opt to offer single-use 20-30ml bottles of these products. While convenient, this method is not environmentally friendly and increases costs. Frequently, guests leave behind half-used bottles, leading to waste. Furthermore, the constant need for replacement adds operational strain to the hotel.


2. Increasingly, hotels are choosing to install wall-mounted bottle holders in their bathrooms. This approach reduces waste and looks sophisticated. With a variety of bottle holder styles available in the market, selecting the right one has become a task for hoteliers.


·Before purchasing, determine the size and shape of the bottles you'll use. Some bottle holders have intricate designs tailored to specific bottle dimensions. However, there are also minimalist hook-style holders which are more versatile but might lack the sturdiness and elegance of custom designs.


·When installing, consider the humidity of the bathroom. While some bottle holders can be affixed using adhesive, it's advisable to use screws for a more secure fit.


·Compared to traditional soap dispensers, the advantage of bottle holders is the ability to use various stylish bottles. Transparent bottles adorned with elegant labels, filled with different colored body washes and shampoos, are both functional and decorative. Furthermore, cleaning staff can easily replace bottles, unlike dispensers which require repeated refilling.


In summary, selecting the right product requires considering the hotel's positioning and target clientele. Both the functionality and durability of the product should be weighed alongside its aesthetic and environmental attributes.


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