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Spray Distance Test for Trigger Sprayer
published date: 2023/4/13

Trigger sprayers are a popular choice for household cleaning, gardening, and personal care products. They offer a quick and easy way to apply liquids in a controlled manner. However, not all trigger sprayers are created equal, and it's essential to test their performance to ensure they meet our requirements.|
In this test, we will focus on the spray distance of a trigger sprayer with two functions: a water spout and a mist. The purpose is to determine how far the sprayer can reach and how well it performs at different distances.

1. Test on waterspout function
We put a piece of paper 3.5 meters away (about 10 feet) and checked if the water spout could reach the paper tissue. As the test result shows, the tissue was soaked with water.
Let's try a greater distance now - we put a pink paper 4 meters away (about 13 feet). And again, the paper was soaked with water.

2. Test on mist function
Now, let's test the mist function. At a distance of 45cm, the mist easily soaked the tissue.

And at 65cm, it worked just as well!

In conclusion, the spray distance test proved that our trigger sprayer works perfectly, whether it's the water spout or mist function. It provides a strong water spout that can reach up to 4 meters away and a fine mist that can cover a large area. With this performance, our trigger sprayer is a reliable and efficient tool for various applications.


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