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How are the common plastic products produced ?
published date: 2022/12/3

Let’s starts in injection molding. Injection molding is used to make plastic parts using two part molds that, when closed, are injected with melted plastic to form, individual parts.

Here’s how it works:

Material gravity flows into the injection machine screw where it is melted by the compressing motion of the screw and the inject it into the mold to form the part or parts. The mold is quickly cooled, letting the parts solidify , the mold opens to release the parts and the mold closed again to repeat the cycle over and over again.Blow molding is a mixture of extrusion and molding , where plastic is continuously extruded into a tube shape and then clamped at a mold and blown into its shape with compressed air.

It’s a process that often operates in a shuttle movement with a set of molds .Each mold takes a turn grabbing a section of extruded tube and shuttling it to one side to blow it into a bottle shape. The very popular sails of plastic bottles for carbonated beverages has created a unique process for blow molded bottles made specifically from polyethylene terephthalate or P E T.For P E T blow molding, bottles are first created in a test tube shape, injection molded pre-form, and then in a separated operation reheated and blown into their final shape.This two-stage process creates bottles that we know, which capable of containing gaseous carbonated beverages without losing pressure or exploding.


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