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How To Install a Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser
published date: 2023/12/28


A hand soap dish or bottle of commercial soap can get in the way and clutter the countertop around your kitchen sink. A handy alternative is to install a built-in liquid soap dispenser. A sink with a soap dispenser is convenient and they come in many styles and finishes to match your faucet. Some faucet kits even include a matching soap dispenser.

Adding a soap dispenser to a sink can be a very easy DIY project, especially if your sink's deck has an extra hole for it. Sometimes your sink soap dispenser is not working because it's clogged or damaged. In that case, it's also easy to tackle a replacement soap dispenser for your kitchen sink.


This guide outlines the installation process for two types of kitchen sink soap dispensers(AYT-798, AYT-800), focusing on faucet integration and control units.
1. Installation of Faucet Body and Spout
Insertion: Place the faucet body in the mounting hole of the wash basin.
AYT-800: Slide the rubber gasket onto the threaded rod from under the sink and fix the faucet body with the nut.
AYT-798 : Put the sensor wire, adapter wire, and liquid tube through the rubber and helical spring washers, then secure the faucet with the nut.

2. Installing the Control Unit

a.Bracket Positioning:Mark the location of the control unit bracket on the wall. Drill holes for mounting.
b.Securing the Bracket:
c.Insert plastic wall plugs into the drilled holes.
d.Secure the bracket with M4×25mm screws.
e.Hang the control unit on the bracket.
f.Distance Consideration: Ensure the control unit is not too far from the faucet body to allow for proper connection of tubes and adapter plugs.

3. Connecting Wires and Tubes
Follow the specific installation diagram provided with each product, as the pipe connection varies based on the product's function.

4. Filling Hand Soap
Open the soap bottle lid, pour in liquid foaming hand soap, and tighten the lid. Ensure the soap is free of sediments or suspended particles to prevent clogging.

5. Install the power adapter in a suitable, waterproof location.
Ensure that the black and red plugs between the faucet, control unit, and adapter are securely connected 

6. Installing Low Soap Function Component (For AYT-800)

a. Positioning the Weighing Bracket:
b. Mark and drill holes for the weighing bracket.
c. Secure the bracket with screws.
e. Placing the Soap Bottle: Place the soap bottle on the weighing bracket.
f. Electrical Connection: Connect plugs as per the installation diagram.

Note: For both products, using viscous soap is discouraged as it can lead to clogging and poor soap dispensing. Always refer to the technical parameters for specific soap requirements.

This guide combines the instructions from both products, providing a comprehensive overview of the installation process for kitchen sink soap dispensers with integrated faucets and control units.



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